by somyroommate

You know, I’ve been accustomed to doors for quite some time. I’ve opened them, closed them, painted them, unhinged them, broke them…  and, why, I’ve even ran straight in to them. So, I’ve always thought I had a pretty good handle on the operation of a door. Wrong. Fail again. Jeremy, you really need to just stop functioning altogether. Sincerely, life. ❤

So, my roommate, in his infinitely superior door knowledge left me, the entrance neophyte, a little hint (an operators manual so to say) on how to operate one of the most confusing of all doors: a screen door.

And to think for the past, oh say, 18 years of my door opening career I’ve been pawing aimlessly at the door screaming until it opened. What luck!!! All I have to do is lift the hook thingy out of that loop on the wall?!?

For my entire life I’ve only been able to use doors that:

  1. Are already open
  2. Somebody opened for me or
  3. Open automatically

This is generally how I have to handle a door that is not one of the above three:

I now have great hopes to conquer those doors that have turny handles on them. Wish me luck, dear friends. Wish me luck.