Fix Mai Adykshin!

by somyroommate

Worry not, dear friends! I have returned.

I have been planning on updating you on this epic little saga that is my living situation but, for the past few days, I have not had internet access. If you can guess what caused this void in my life, I shall donate one of my kidneys to you… or at least smile and awkwardly change the subject when you ask. 🙂

So my roommate (you guessed it: he is the cause of no intrawebz!!!) has this fear that somebody is going to steal our wireless internet. I know what you’re thinking: “easy solution: why not just put a password on it?” Um, no. #failboat. His response would be: “Just putting a password on it is not safe enough. Your wireless is out in the open for everybody to see and try to hack into.”

You know I might put forth the effort of hacking into a locked network if there was only one person in my neighborhood who had internet… but we live in Boston. There are a shit load* of open networks in our area.

(*a shit load is any number that is greater than or equal to four)

  • I.E. there’s a starbucks 4 houses down. My first instinct, iffin I were in the business of pilfering intrawebz, would to be snaffle Starbuck’s wifi (and maybe a few of their muffins too). Screw guessing somebody’s password. Too much work for my lazy ass. I could be eating cheetos and watch reruns of Maury by the time you guessed the right password…And, while we’re on the subject of it, half the time I can’t even log into my own facebook/twitter/wordpress/tumblr/yahoo/gmail/pandora/stumbleupon/youtube (internet 4eva!1!!one1) because I can’t figure out what password I used. So, if somebody can divine a way to decide whether I used Octopuscomb43 or L8nitenoms4me, then you deserve some free internet. Hell, I’ll sweeten the deal, you can come kick back at my place, watch some Maury, and share my bowl of cheeto’s with you. You’re awesome. (warning: you may be asked what technique you use for hair hygiene.)

Alas, my roommate does not think like I do. So, he set up an invisible network that is also IP specific. Long story short, basically everytime I try to get on the internet this is what the router does to my computer: Click Here

But, three days and several post-it’s later, I have my intrawebz back again. Now, if only I could remember my tumblr password…