Snow fert. Indoorz!!

So, if you’re alive, have some level of cognition, and possess some form of access to a current source of media, I am sure that you are aware that the Northeast U.S. was ass handed a shit load of snow this past weekend (Again, if you don’t recall from my previous blog, a shit load is any number greater than four.) We happened to get roughly, just that amount in around my apartment.

Welp, as I am also sure you are fully aware, it’s gotta be pretty durned cold for it to snow. Something like 32 degrees. So, we can safely assume that it’s been below 32 degrees for the weekend. I’d say that’s about “let’s turn the heat on weather.”

No. Too broad. Narrow that answer plz. kthnxbai

How about: “Let’s set the thermometer for 60 degrees during the day and 45 at night.”

That’s just enough to keep the pipes from freezing.


InĀ  case you were wondering how my roommate lives like that? He wears his snowsuit. Indoors. At all times. It’s a pretty good look, I must admit. Snow suits, (particularly those pooofy-swishy-elastic-enforced-snow-suits-you-wore-as-a-kid) are bad ass. I mean who wouldn’t want to wear one around the apartment? They are pretty damned slimming, make you super agile, and give you the look and feel of a wordly adult.

I think I may have to purchase one and wear it at all times.